Human Rights Art Festival
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     Silver Spring, Maryland, April 23-25, 2010
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Amnesty International Advocacy Center: Nicaro’s

This table will allow citizen activists to learn about the work of Amnesty volunteers, as well as participate. Postcard actions, letters to dictators, petitions and other materials that represent the day-to-day workings of Amnesty International’s volunteer driven advocacy can be discovered and experienced at this site.

Amnesty Information and Membership sign-up tables (these will double as Festival information centers):

  • City Place 4th Floor Film Festival entrance

  • Ellsworth Plaza

  • Jackie’s Restaurant

  • Montgomery College (PAC lobby)

  • Photo Group (KidsFest)

  • Pyramid Atlantic

  • Regional Center Plaza

Anti-Violence Against Women Conference: City Place Theater I (Saturday 10am-1 pm)

This conference brings together eight women working with tremendous courage to raise awareness of this national epidemic. All of them are participants in the Festival with their own arts/advocacy work, but will be coming together here to share their stories and answer questions. Each participant will spend about 10-15 minutes discussing their story and work, and then the conversation will be opened to the audience.

Arthritis Foundation: City Place Mall

Let's Move Together towards improved human rights! The Arthritis Foundation has joined efforts with the Human Rights Art Festival to help build awareness of human rights and justice issues related to people with disabilities. Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the country.  There are 46 million adults, including 300,000 children, with arthritis who deserve the same rights and dignity as others through the elimination of disability discrimination. To promote the new Let's Move Together movement (, the Arthritis Foundation will show an arthritis-related film and speaker series; host a Show Us Your Moves video contest (dancing encouraged!); provide arts and craft activities for kids; display and sell art developed by adults and children with arthritis to raise funds for its upcoming Arthritis Walk; provide sample evidence-based arthritis exercise instruction; and more!

Art Whino: Ellsworth Plaza

The local art and production gallery will present a massive art show in a storefront space on Ellsworth Ave., right next to the Main Stage, as well as stage outdoor live painting, music and other events.

Asian American Literature Symposium: Montgomery College Cafritz 101 (Sunday 10-noon)

Take the opportunity to start the day with a round table discussion consisting of seven talented and award-winning writers from around the country.  Listen as Peter Bacho (Leaving Yesler, Cebu), Sonya Chung (Long for This World), Ru Freeman (A Disobedient Girl), April Naoko Heck (poems in Artful Dodge, Shenandoah), Kyoko Mori (Yarn, Shizuko’s Daughter), Srikanth Reddy (Facts for Visitors), and Karen Tei Yamashita (I Hotel, Circle K Cycles) hold a discussion and answer questions about how their social selves press up against their work, their craft, and the literature they cherish.  The event will be moderated by Terry Hong, media arts consultant for the Smithsonian Asian-Pacific American Program and creator of BookDragon.  The panel is put on by The Asian American Literary Review.  Don’t forget to get your books signed after the panel.

Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (CRCMC): City Place Mall

The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (CRCMC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality dispute prevention, resolution, and education to individuals and community organizations. They are running two days of programming to introduce the public to how they can solve disputes in a peaceful, moderate manner.


Courage Network: Cafritz Art Center, Lobby

The Clothesline Project honors women survivors as well as victims of intimate violence. Courage Network will host the display both days of the Festival. Any woman who has experienced domestic violence, at any time in her life, is encouraged to come forward and design a shirt. Victim's families and friends are also invited to participate. The concept is to let each woman tell her story in her own unique way, using words and/or artwork to decorate her shirt. Once finished, she hangs her shirt on the clothesline.

Courage Network PDF


As part of the community-wide Amnesty International Human Rights Arts Festival, Silver Spring-based documentary film organization Docs In Progress will host a series of events “visualizing human justice,” which bring attention to basic human rights and the struggle for cultural identity through documentary film and photography. All events are free and open to the public and will take place at the Docs-In-Progress Documentary House.

Docs-in-Progress PDF

Empowered Women International: Montgomery College, PAC Lobby

We the People Project is an annual EWI project that gives voice to immigrant, refugee and American-born artists working for cultural integration, economic opportunity, social transformation and community building. This year we are honored to present “We the People Project 2010: Art for Human Rights” as a way to bring to the public art and stories that inspire multicultural dialogue and enhance understanding and respect between people of all cultures. During the course of the Festival over 35 immigrant and refugee artist members and graduates of Empowered Women International’s business incubator together with students, activists, and educators, will participate in a series of community events sponsored by Empowered Women International.

Empowered Women International PDF

Impact Silver Spring: Highland Coffee (Saturday) City Place Mall (Sunday)

A chance to get to know this grass roots campaign to bring and keep diversity in Montgomery County. There will be an Information table where people can talk with volunteers and staff to see how they can be engaged in this effort.

International Domestic Violence Memorial: City Place Theater Lobby

The IDVM has partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), A Window Between Worlds, Be A Voice Arts, Northeastern Consulting, LLC., Palace of Glass, Turning Point, and Adrian Fisher Designs in Dorset, England to create a Lantern of Hope Memorial and Memorial Gardens that will help commemorate the victims who have been murdered as a result of domestic violence and child abuse. The lantern will consist of four 10’ x 6’ mural mosaics comprised of the artwork from over 240 artist/survivors across the globe who wish to share their experiences through this unique community-based art project. The lantern will become the major component in a national campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence and raise funds for each of the local hosting communities that would temporarily house the exhibit, prior to being installed in its final location at the Seeds of Change Memorial Gardens that will be constructed while the lantern is on tour. We are introducing this project for the first time at this Festival, as well as running various programming around the ideas.

Meditation Museum

The Meditation Museum will offer a series of events introducing the audience to meditation and the quest for inner peace. Meditation workshops, a film showing, cooking class, using acting skills to re-imagine the self and other aspects of the spiritual search will be explored.

PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment): Jackie’s

PAVE will produce a series of multi-media and participatory art activities including “The Binding Project,” “Shattering the Wall of Silence,” “Removing the Mask” and “Real Eyes Moms.” Additionally, original art created specifically for PAVE will be previewed, including Koko Mia’s limited edition prints and Art Festival featured artist’s Steve Connell’s “Angel Rising.”


PAVE Speakers PDF

UNESCO Center for Peace: Montgomery College, Cafritz Art Center

The Festival provides creative opportunities for talented young artists or artist to-be. After a lecture on a given topic, concept and/or person that exemplifies the human rights theme, participants will engaged in a process of deliberately arranging the information they received about the topic, concept and/or person in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions in the form of art. The output will encompass a diverse range of creative expression, including music, literature, film, sculpture, and painting. 

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