Human Rights Art Festival
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     Silver Spring, Maryland, April 23-25, 2010
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Friday, April 23

8 Belly Dancing: Asala (Egyptian and Tribal Fusion), plus a special live musical performance by Mohamed Amir  - owner of Taste of Morocco! 

(15 minutes shows until 10 pm) (Taste of Morocco)

Saturday, April 24

12:30 Silk Road Dance Company (Celebrating the Right to Dance): Includes a repertoire of dances which are endangered because they come from regions where public performance of dance is forbidden and dancers can be imprisoned, tortured, and even killed. The program focuses on Central Asia and Iran.

(30 minutes) (Montgomery College Theater I)

1:15 JChen Project (Essence): A trio inspired by a story of a woman in China, Mao Hengfeng. Breaking China’s one-child policy, she gave life to three beautiful girls.  Against the Chinese government’s demands she protects and provides for her daughters.  The passionate dance between the three dancers as they spin and soar through space creates an emotional and moving experience. (20 minutes) (Montgomery College Theater I)

3 Diana Tokaji (Poem/Dances of Life and Breath): An exquisite and inspirational play between spoken word and movement, giving voice to our everyday humanness and celebrating our inherent beauty. (45 minutes) (Pyramid Atlantic)

3:30 Movement of the People Dance Company (Las Madres): Dedicated to the pursuits of the women of the organization “las Madres de Plaza de Mayo,” who have struggled to bring justice and humanity to Argentina. The choreography of “Las Madres” is rooted in the hardships of the military dictatorship in Argentina and strives to demonstrate the emotion and strength of these powerful courageous women. The music is a Tango. (45 minutes) (Montgomery College Theater I)

4:30 The Spilling Ink Project (Mahashakti) A piece in four scenes, this work celebrates divine female energy and power. The dance explores the dancers’ personal relationships with the divine, engaging in a conversation with the lyric and suggesting a sentiment of prayer and devotion, bhakti, throughout the choreography. (20 minutes) (Montgomery College Theater I)

8 Belly Dancing: Asala (Egyptian and Tribal Fusion) 

(15 minutes shows until 10 pm) (Taste of Morocco)

Sunday, April 25

2 Urban Artistry Urban dance, which reflects the street legends, strangers, and visionaries who have a story to tell about their cultures in hope that someone will see, remember, and hear their voices. Years of research opened the doors to a wealth of historical content, vocabulary in movement, along with the freedom to diversify. With this, came Urban Artistry and the principals below that these members have come to follow in their daily lives. (20 minutes) (Montgomery College Theater I)

3:30 Flash Mob Dance (Liz Lerman Dance Exchange with Dance Metro/DC)

(20 minutes) (Ellsworth Plaza)


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